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Fast, reliable, and easy! Text-Utils brings several free online tools to assist developers in daily tasks, such as XML, JSON, SQL formatters, Base64 and different hash utilities, various text tools, such as case converter, remove accents, extract texts and much more!

About is composed of multiple utilities that can help people and developers in their daily activities. Free tools such as formatting XML, JSON, SQL, converters, many text utilities, such as to remove duplicate empty characters, lines, text sorting and much more. All these tools are fully available for free. In case you have any suggestions or find a problem, we would appreciate if you could reach us out by accessing the contact page.


  • May, 2020: SSL is now enabled by default.
  • Apr, 2020: Major backend refactor, targeting better performance and maintainability.
  • May, 2017: Minor fixes and updates.
  • Oct, 2016: Site improvements. Small adjustments to improve site performance and user experience.
  • Feb, 2015: Functionality fixes and improvements.
  • Aug, 2014: Site improvements. Layout enhancements, bug fixes and a new tools available: Hash Calculator, E-mail and IP Regex Extractors. Check this out!
  • Jun, 2014: Site improvements. Now every tool uses AJAX technology to submit the data. By doing this, only the necessary content will be reloaded making the web site faster and improving the experience!
  • Apr, 2014: Text-Utils has been released! Text-Utils is a web tool to assist developers and other people in daily tasks by providing tools for manipulating text data. The Initial tools include HTML, JSON, SQL and XML formatters, Base 64 and URL encoder/decoder, and many other tools to handle text. Check this out!

Available Features: